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Starting out - A quick boost to power.

If you're new to the game, a quick way to get 100,000 of each resource, hero experience and around 25,000 power is to build 10 of each resource building. Since you don't have enough space to build 40 resource buildings you will need to start by building 10 of one type to get the quest reward. You then deconstruct the building by clicking "deconstruct". Deconstucting level 1 buildings is free and instant. Repeat the process for all resource types: Quarry, Mine, Logging Camp and Farm. The reward for building 10 farms is shown below. You can also do this for the Barracks, Hospital and Villa. Just build 10 of each.

Build 10 farms quest

Build a nice blend of resources.

Once you have the rewards for building 10 of each resource type I suggest you build an even mix of each resource type. There are 25 resource tiles. You can use one for the gold mine, and build 6 of each type of resource. You can instantly build them up a few levels using the "free" button for build times under 5 minutes.

Join a large alliance early.

An alliance will really help you build your city quickly. They will also provide you with gifts that contain many useful items (including gold sometimes). You can help members shave 1 minute off their build times and they can do the same for you. They can also help you defend your village when you are under attack. Save your beginner teleport so that you can teleport to your alliance's area. It's also much more fun to play the game with others than just soloing.

A shout out to the great folks of the Rk! alliance on Megara.

Don't turn in your Empire Quests (yet)!

When building a starting village you will get a ton of Empire Quest rewards. These give some base amount of experience for your hero. If you turn them in for rewards at low levels you'll be missing out on a huge amount of hero experience. The Gymnos building is key here. It gives a boost to hero xp and it includes quest rewards. At level 1 you'll get 5% bonus xp. But if you wait to turn in your empire quests at Gymnos level 10, you'll get a 50% bonus! This maxes out at 125% bonus at level 21. There is certainly a tradeoff here. Get some hero xp now, or much more later. You might need some of the Empire Quest rewards to help build your town.

Your starting buildings

I suggest building the following in your starting town. You can always adjust this later:

Villas are important because they produce silver and they also boost your troop building speed. Barracks increase the total number of troops you can train at one time. This is why early on it might make sense to have more than a couple. This will allow you to train troops all night long while you sleep. As you reach higher levels of troops (tier 2-4) it will take much longer to train so you will be able to knock down some barracks and make room for other buildings such as hospitals. You always want enough hospitals to be able to heal your entire army in the event you are attacked. It is much cheaper to heal troops than to rebuild them.

Register your account

To make sure all your hard work doesn't vanish one day, you'll want to register your account. This can be done from the "more" bottom menu item under "accounts and devices". This will also allow you to play multiple accounts later or login from multiple devices. If you don't register and lose or reset your phone/tablet you will lose all your account data.

VIP Status

When you start the game you should have 100 free VIP points to spend. These can be found under the items icon (bottom menu) and under the "My Items" tab of the Items menu. The tab is then split up into sections. The VIP points are under the "Special" section. An even faster way to spend the 100 VIP points is to click the VIP logo in the top left of your city view (just to the right of your character portrait). You can then click "Add points" to add the free 100 starting points that you get. This will promote you from VIP level 1 to VIP level 2. Each time you level up VIP status you get a free 24 hours of VIP status.

Now that you are level 2 VIP you should get various benefits. You can see what they are by clicking "2 VIP" on the VIP menu. The instant construction speedup is very useful. At level 2 you get a free 7 minutes of instant speedup. This means that if a building takes 8 minutes to build a "free" icon will appear when it counts down to 7 minutes and you can just instantly finish the building. There are various other bonuses and at VIP level 7 you get an important one (instant daily quests). Normally quests take minutes (to hours) to complete but with VIP level 7 you can just click them all to completion instantly. At VIP level 8 you also get instant alliance quests. It may be worth spending 150 gold to purchase an additional 100 VIP points. This will boost you to VIP level 3 and add another 24 hours to your VIP status. This can really speedup building all your resources and buildings up to level 4-5.

It will take several weeks to reach VIP level 7. Once you reach it you may want to purchase 30 days of VIP status by spending 4000 gold. I only recommend this unless you have a large (10,000) surplus of gold. You want to keep a reserve of 10,000 gold for when you reach stronghold level 15 at which point you can use the treasury to earn gold on your gold! Some people prefer to wait until VIP level 8 before buying 30 days of VIP status but I prefer to gain the benefits of level 7 while I wait to get to level 8 (which takes a while).

Build a Farmy (a Farm Army)

You'll want to start building troops once you have a barracks. In fact, you'll want to be building troops 24/7 if possible. I suggest just building Swordsmen to start out. They are cheap and are the best farmers. Once you have some troops you can toggle to the map view (bottom left menu item) and look for resource tiles. These appear with the following icons:

Resource tiles
(image credit:

From left to right: Food, Stone, Wood, Ore, Silver.

Once you start farming a resource tile you will want to keep an eye on the game. Other players can attack you while you farm and your troops will die (forever) if attacked by a larger army. Troops won't go to hospital like they do when they are attacked in your city. As your Stronghold is leveled up you will gain more marching slots. This means you can be farming from 2+ resource tiles at once. The number of troops you send when farming doesn't increase the speed at which they farm (only the capacity they can carry). This is why you'll want to farm with multiple groups once you can. The number of marches you can have are as follows:

There is also some research you can do to increase your march slots.

Earning gold from research events. (This may have been nerfed. IE: removed)

There are special research events that occur that pay out 5000 gold as a reward. At lower stronghold levels they will take 5000 research points. They are usually solo inferno events which only give you roughly 40 minutes to complete. Unless you are lucky and time some research to end during one of these events, and it happens to reward 5000 research points, you won't be able to make a profit. The idea is to line up a few things you want to research (in the Academy) that will give you a total 5000 points. Often you can start the research, and then speed it up by spending gold. Don't use "instant research" because you'll spend more gold than the speed-ups would cost. Often you can spend 2000-3000 gold to speed through 5000 points of research in a few minutes and then get the 5000 gold reward. This will net you a profit and allow you to build up your gold stake.

Only research low level items that grant around 300 points to get access to some of the higher level rewards lower down the tree. The economics tree has many good skills that reward 1000-30,000 points in one skill. If you save all your higher point research for these events, you'll be able to build up over 30,000 gold quickly. Never let your gold stake fall below 5000, so you can use it during the research events. Don't rush getting past a level 10 Stronghold, because the number of research points required for an Inferno event goes up as your Stronghold level goes up. At around Stronghold level 15 the research points needed is 50,000 or higher. You won't be able to profit gold at these higher Stronghold levels.

Protect your ASSets

The basic tip here is to keep your storehouse large enough so that if anyone does attack you, your resources will be safe. Silver isn't protected by the storehouse so you'll either have to spend it down or store it at an alliance bank. Usually until later levels (Stronghold 15+) you will be able to dump your resources into buildings, troops, research and building items. If you've got even more than that, you can always send the excess to your alliance friends in need.

Protect your ASSets (an alliance bank)

If you're in a large alliance and most members have "gift mode" (a real money paid feature) then you can build a bank. A bank is just a player city that will always have a peace shield on. The village doesn't really have any requirements except maybe a high level marketplace for sending resources back to depositors. The idea is that 30 players participate. Each donates a 24 hour peace shield 1 day a month. Using this system you can safely store millions (or billions) of resources in a single city. Those are the pros.

The list of cons is pretty large. The alliance has to be stable and as mentioned many players need gift mode. By stable, I mean people aren't joining and leaving all the time. There will also be a VERY trusted person (or team of people) who run the bank account. They could easily keep all the resources and go off to some other alliance with all the LOOT! Since depositors will want their resources back fairly quickly when they need them, the banker(s) need to be on 24/7. If depositors aren't willing to wait many hours while the banker is sleeping (yeah in real life) then you might require a team of 2 or three people to take shifts. Sounds like a lot of work (heh this is a game right?). In the event real life prevents the banker from coming online, the shield might drop and the bank village resources might quickly be pillaged by strong player(s). While this strategy might work for some players I personally don't like it.

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