It's easy to forget about crafting when you are busy upgrading your village and attacking other towns. The skill is quite important early on and later on in the game (more on that later). As you attack monsters and other players you will acquire gems and crafting materials. Crafting materials are also awarded for quests and can be purchased for gold. All these materials and gems are used in the forge.

The Forge

There are 4 main menus at the forge: Craft, Combine, Inventory, and Gems/Materials. Inventory is simply a list of items you have made and the same goes for Gems/Materials. We'll focus on the first two Craft/Combine.


There are various qualities of crafting materials:

At low levels you'll mostly see gray crafting materials. You can combine 4 identical gray (level 1) items (eg Lvl 1 Metal) to make a white (level 2) Metal. The same steps would be used to get a green level Metal (combine 4 white Metals). This means that to get a purple metal will require 256 gray metals! Because it can take a very long time to acquire all the materials needed to craft purple items, I suggest saving all your materials until your hero is level 50. Along the way feel free to make a few gray items to boost things like construction speed, research speed, food/silver output but don't waste your green/blue materials making green/blue gear that won't be "the best" later on. If you do decide to make some green/blue items make sure you have 100% chance of success (more on that later).

One tip for combining a lot of materials is to start with the gray items at the bottom first. Also use the "combine all" option when you have 8 or more items. I hope at some point they make combining materials less tedious.

As well as combining crafting materials you can combine gems. The same principal applies here. Four level 1 gems combine to make a level 2 gem and so on. If you are in an alliance and have a free gem remover, it's worth it to slot all your gear with gems. You can always pop them out later to upgrade them. This will give you some minor boosts to combat troops.

Materials have built in properties that are given to items made with them as follows:

GlassResearch Speed
ParchmentConstruction Speed
FeatherFood Production
JewelrySilver Production
LeatherTroop Load
HideTroop Defense Bonus
ClothTroop Health Bonus
StringRanged Attack
MarbleSeige Attack
PlatingInfantry Attack
TimberTrap Attack
MetalCavalry Attack


In the craft section you will be presented with all the materials you have. I suspect that there may be hidden recipes but have not tried discovering any. This page is useful if you want to use all materials of a given color (eg green) to give you 100% chance of success. From the recipe page it will automatically use your highest level materials. This might not be optimal and end up wasting some of your higher level materials.

Crafting Screen

Click the "Recipes" button to see what you can make. This gives you a choice between "Equipment" and "Ancient Relics". Ancient Relics require very rare materials so you can skip to just "Equipment". From here you have 6 types of items you can make:

If you are new to the game you probably don't have any materials for the special event gear so you can ignore this area. The most interesting category for low level heroes (eg 10-30) are the accessories. Some of these items reduce the time it takes to construct buildings or do research as well as food and silver production boosts. I'll go into details about these in an items guide. Most of the other types of items (eg Weapons, Helmets etc) are used for combat bonuses. There isn't much point making these at low levels because the boosts are small and lower level troops will get crushed but higher level troops.

When you go to craft an item you will see various percentages for each color of quality. This is the percentage chance you will actually make that item quality. Don't gamble with your hard earned materials, just craft items that have 100% chance of success for the color you want (ideally purple). In the example below, there is a 20% chance of a blue item. Don't waste your blue materials when the chance of success is less than 100%. In this example you would need all 4 materials to be green to have a 100% chance of success for a green quality item.

Craft Scythe


This speadsheet contains all the non-seasonal weapons and I'll be adding the other item types soon. Note the bonuses are for purple level items.

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