Protect your troops (the hospital)

So you spent countless hours and resources building your army. To make sure you don't have your troops killed there are a few tips. Make sure that you have your hospitals leveled up high enough so that you have enough room for all your troops. You can quickly see your total troops and from your stronghold main menu. Click on any hospital to see your total hospital space. I recommend you have 8-12 hospitals total to heal a large army in the event you get attacked. Hospitals will only help you if your troops are attacked while they are in your city. If you are farming from a resource node on the map, and you are attacked, your troops will die forever. This is why you should make sure you keep an eye on your screen if you are farming resource nodes.

Protect your troops (the fake rally)

Everyone has to sleep at some point. Even us hardcore gamers. To protect your troops while you are sleeping you can do a fake 8 hour rally. The goal here is to find a weak player that belongs to a weak alliance. Weak players have low power and also often have the default village name of Empire. Make sure you scout the person before you set up your fake rally. Then click on their village, click rally, and choose 8 hours. This is a bit of a loophole but it "stores" your troops in your Hall of War while the 8 hours ticks down. In this state they will not die if someone attacks your village. They will also not defend your village so make sure your resources are lower than your storehold.

Protect your troops (Shields Up!)

Another more expensive way to protect your troops is to buy a peace shield using either alliance points or gold. These are fairly expensive but might be required if you are going to be away from the game for more than 8 hours. There are 4 shield durations:

Protect your troops (very large armies)

At some point your max march size will be smaller than your entire army size. You won't be able to fake rally all your troops. The next option is to find some alliance buddies that have a large embassy. At level 21 an embassy can hold 1 million troops. Your friend can then activate a peace shield to protect your troops. Think of it as a bank for troops.

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